Stephen Simmer, LICSW, PhD


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I have many years experience working with a variety of emotional issues, and work with clients of all ages.  I do individual, family, and group psychotherapy.  I do have the following specializations.  


  •  Anger and Conflict.   I have worked for many years with individuals of all ages with anger problems, have done training to over 6,000 therapists nationally in anger work. I have done groups focusing on anger management for over ten years in a variety of settings—clinic, school, private practice. Click here for more information, linking to the website about anger work.  
  • Couples.  I have worked with couples on many different issues: high conflict, picking up the pieces after an affair, couples with a history of violence, couples at odds over parenting strategy.  I have also worked with couples who have drifted apart through the years and don't know why. 
  • Children and Adolescents.  The full gamut:  Mad, Sad, Bad, Scared.  I have worked with suicidal children, children who have been traumatized, school phobic, in trouble with the law, scapegoated by peers, children of divorce. 
  • Inner VoiceWork.  We each have many parts.  I have a part of me that is a perfectionist, another part that's a risk-taker, another part that likes to isolate from others.  This is not just "crazy people who talk to themselves," it is all of us.  Sometimes when I get stuck in my life, there is a deadlock between two or more parts of myself which approach the world very differently.  One very rich technique in therapy involves clarifying what these parts are, then getting them to talk to each other.   
  • Men's Issues.   I have a special interest in doing psychotherapy with men.  I have been involved in a men's therapy and support group for many years myself, and have led men's therapy groups in several settings.  I am a member of the Mankind Project, a non-profit international organization which does weekend trainings for men to help them heal wounds and focus on life mission, and have staffed and helped organize several trainings.  I have also co-led men's groups in prisons as part of the Jericho Circle Project. 
  • Oppositional-ADHD Children. I have worked with many people—children and adult--who have been diagnosed with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder.  I have also run groups for parents of ADHD children, helping to orient them to the developmental, educational, and family consequences of ADHD.  I have led training program for parents of ADHD children.  I also work frequently with families with oppositional children, helping the members come up with strategies that are less likely to cause friction or explosions.  
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  This is a clumsy label, but it's a well-researched therapy approach that has been proven effective with many issues—anger, anxiety, depression, and panic, among others.  It looks at how we get caught in certain beliefs and stories that feed these emotions, and works to shift those stories.