Stephen Simmer, LICSW, PhD


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Vicious Circles Manual:

Anger Management for Men


 Vicious Circles Manual  Vicious Circles Manual: 102-page book with four chapters of motivational text and multiple worksheets for anger management work, applicable directly to individuals and groups. There are over 30 drawings and diagrams using therapeutic metaphors to frame the work. Over 3,000 sold to date.

 Price: $16.95. Click here to see more.



Free Online Training Modules:

Apologizing, Assertiveness


Below are several multimedia online training modules for communication skills:  assertiveness and apologizing.  These and other online training modules were developed as part of my online anger management program, Simmerdown Online

Apologies.  Apologies are difficult.  They are difficult in part because there are many things people say that sound a little like an apology, but miss the mark in some way.  But the main difficulty in apologies is the feelings of shame that often accompany apologizing.  In the two modules below, I identify many of the apology mistakes people can make, and then describe the steps to building an effective apology that comes from a place of integrity and pride. 

The How-Not-To Book on Apologies

Steps to Building an Apology with the Head Held High

Assertiveness.  Below are two training modules on assertiveness--speaking clearly and respectfully about how I react to what others do or say.  They are closely relatedl--the second module is a review of the material presented in the first.

How to Construct an Assertive Response

Steps to Building an Assertive Response